If you wish to train in order to become a Hypnotherapist or Trance Healer you can apply to enroll on the basic foundation course of the Hypnotherapy Training Centre.

The powerful synthesis of trance, shamanic and hypnotic techniques that you will learn will provide a highly effective tool especially for professional hypnotherapist's, psychologists and psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychiatric nurses and counselors.

This training will also be suitable for all those of alert mind who wish to gain a good understanding of trance and hypnosis for their personal development interest. Those wishing to undergo further instruction will, after satisfactorily completing their training be eligible for certification by the Hypnotherapy Training Centre, leading eventually to the Clinical Practitioner Diploma.

Our school also provides privately guided lessons on self-hypnosis. Please contact our office on 01228 401018 or email Dan Russell for further information.

Latest NEWS!

July 2015.

Only new courses this year!

Free introductory evening with DAN RUSSELL.
Tuesday 15th September at 6.30pm.

- - - And - - -

Free introductory evening with DAN RUSSELL.
Thursday 17th September at 6.30pm

For details or to register for these evenings phone 01228 401018, or contact dansankan@gmail.com
(this will also be followed by a 1 month experiential training lead by DAN RUSSELL. all welcome, regardless of experience) The fee for the course is £50 (though the first free session is free of course!)

January 2014. Many thanks to all the students in Israel who contributed to making Dan's visit in December such a success. Dan says, without your efforts, NOTHING AT ALL would have happened. Well done!!! Thank you on behalf of all who benefited from your efforts. Click HERE to read more.

November 2013
Dan is returning to Israel in December to give more workshops in shamanic trance healing, hypnotherapy & martial arts, including taiji & goju ryu. Students in Israel please contact Yoni, Amit or Joshua for more information.

We are also setting up a deepmind facebook page so it should be easier to interact and share news and details of these workshops.


  Select the link above to view some recollections of the flavour of the 2003
  Trance Healing and Self-Hypnosis Course with Dan.